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Norway in a Nutshell


Norway in a Nutshell is a route that can be done from Oslo to Bergen, Bergen to Oslo or a roundtrip. It includes a variety of different transportation (buses, trains, and boats) and takes you through the beautiful scenery of Norway, specifically the fjords.

We took the trip from Oslo to Bergen. You can also simply return back to the city you started in. Since we wanted to see both cities, we decided to make the entire day a scenic travel day.

When you go online to their website, it will book everything TOGETHER meaning you do NOT have to book each leg separately.

I would highly recommend doing this. It was very easy, planned for us, and it allowed us to see the countryside with the beautiful fjords and land between Oslo and Bergen. Many people will want to do a fjords tour when coming to Norway so this a great way to travel from one city to the other while making it a scenic journey.

Our Itinerary

6:25 – 11:34 Oslo → Myrdal

Train: Both sides of the train have great views. We sat on the left and I felt like there may have been a bit more there, especially towards the end, but the first big lake and nice sight is on the right. Overall, either side offers great views

We had wifi on this train and it lasts about 5 hours. This would be the best portion to take a nap on if you need some sleep as the views only get better as the trip continues.

12:13 – 13:10 Myrdal – Flam:

Train: many say this is the most scenic part of the journey. It is almost an hour ride on a train from Myrdal to Flam. You stop at a giant waterfall and get out to see it for a few minutes. There is loud music playing outside and these girls dancing up on the side of the hill. The views are again on both sides, so you cannot really go wrong in which side you choose, just try to snag a window seat. Some of the windows open at the top so if you want higher quality pictures, be sure to try to grab one of those.

We did not have wifi on this train, but you could get it in the Flam visitor center or for free for 25 minutes on the Free-Flam wifi

You can store your luggage in a little house that is red with a green door near the visitor’s center. It costs 50 Krone for each bag, regardless of if you are storing it for two hours or the whole day. This was nice to have since we wanted to walk around the small town, go checkout the waterfall we passed at the end of the train ride, and grab some food from some of the food trucks before taking the next leg of the journey.

15:15 – 17:30 Flam – Gundvangen:

Ferry: this was my favorite part and the piece I thought was the most scenic. It’s just over two hours and the boat has 3 levels. I would recommend getting a seat near the edge somewhere, whether that is the front, side or back. We sat on the front right side, on the third floor outside.

We had wifi on the ferry

17:45 – 19:00 Gudvangen – Voss:

Bus: about a one hour ride from the end of the ferry stop to the train station. This was the most stressful part as there were only two buses and far more people than that. They brought in additional buses to make sure every person got to the train station so this was not a problem after all. The ride was also very pretty, especially the beginning where you take a very steep road downhill on switchbacks and go by two large waterfalls. The bus is a bit nerve-wracking as there are sharp turns and large drops. While in the bus, you often feel like the bus could tip.

19:38 – 21:01 Voss – Bergen:

Train: trip lasts just under 1.5 hours. This is probably the least scenic piece, especially after everything you’ve seen so safe to say you can relax.


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