About Me

An adventure seeking, fitness loving, foodie and planner

Sharing location snapshots, trip itineraries, and travel inspiration

Hi I'm Courtney, a half American, half European girl from Chicago with a passion for traveling. As a fitness loving, adventure seeking, foodie and a planner at heart, I like sharing my experiences of visiting new places to help others plan the optimal trips - both by learning from my travel mishaps and providing recommendations for aspects not to miss. When it comes to traveling, I enjoy it all - from an active hiking and biking vacation to a relaxing island getaway to a city exploration to a skiing adventure

Born and raised in Chicago, I went to University in Boston before moving back to Chicago and then hopping across the pond in 2020 (the year of Covid) to London where I live now. Most of my travels have been within Europe and America, but my bucket list of places to visit grows daily and covers destinations all across the globe.

I started documenting my travels from a young age, journaling about my family vacations shortly after I learned to write. When I was 20, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy where I began a guide for each place I visited as I wished I had specific information to help me navigate new places in Europe. Shortly after graduating from University in Boston, I packed my bags and travelled across Europe for 10 weeks where I further expanded my travel guide. Justwing.it came about shortly after this trip concluded, when a friend of mine recommended putting my guide online to more easily share.

Ironically, the name Just Wing It does not fit my approach at travel. I find joy in researching and planning trips, but prefer to travel with others so use it as a way to persuade friends to join my adventures. As I do not typically Just Wing It on trips, I aspire to help others be able to be more spontaneous on their explorations and keep the planning painless.