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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

From London, there are direct trains to Cornwall departing from Paddington station to Penzance. If traveling all the way to Penzance, the train will take about 5 hours. There are numerous other train stops between London Paddington and Penzance within Cornwall. Depending on your end destination, find the station closest to your accommodations. From the station, if not staying within walking distance, plan to take a taxi to your accommodations.

Another convenient way to reach Cornwall is by car. This is especially helpful if planning to explore different areas of Cornwall.

Getting Around

Cornwall is best visited with a car. As there are lots of towns, beaches, and areas to explore, a car provides the most flexibility when visiting Cornwall. Without a car, you will be more restricted to staying around your accommodations so note this when planning your holiday. There are taxis which can take you to different areas, and also a public bus.


Cornwall has many different areas to visit and various options on where to stay as a home base. If looking to explore multiple areas together and you have a car, consider staying in a few different locations across Cornwall to enable you to visit areas in the neighborhood. Many first time visitors will stay in or around St. Ives.

For those looking to surf or see one of Cornwall’s nicest, large white sand beaches, Perranporth is a good option. There are nice walks from Perranporth to Newquay or St. Agnes, while also having the large beach and a small town. Find a cute cottage and enjoy a relaxing weekend noting Perranporth will have very different vibes than St. Ives, but is a great option if looking to visit areas in the NW area of Cornwall.

If staying in Perranporth, it will be easier to take the train from London to Truro and then take a taxi from the station to your accommodations (only about a 15 minute drive).

Things to do and see

Perran Sands beach

Long beach spanning from Pinhole Point to Perranporth

Chapel Rock

Large boulder sitting in the middle of the beach and easy to climb but becomes an island 2 times per day at high tide


South end of beach has a series of natural caves and archways 

Sunset Watering Hole bar

Enjoy a beer on the beach as the sunsets over the water

Hike to St. Agnes

Take a coastal walk from Perranporth to St. Agnes along the SW coast path. The views along the way are beautiful and especially unique with the cliffs and rock formations as you approach St. Agnes. The path to St. Agnes takes about 90 minutes at a distance just under 4 miles.

In St. Agnes, head down to the beach level at low tide and walk along the beach enjoying Trevaunance Cove. Grab lunch or a snack in town while visiting before turning back towards Perranporth.


Visit Newquay by taking a hike from Perranporth to Newquay, passing Holywell Bay along the way. On the walk there, you will passthrough the Penhale Dunes, which are the highest sand dunes in Cornwall. Enjoy the view of Perran Sands beach as you leave Perranporth. Then plan to drive or take the bus back for a quick 15 minute journey.

Black Flag Brewery

The brewery can be found about a 15 minute walk from the beach and is an independent brewery. Stop in the brewery for a visit to their taproom and grab a drink, sitting outside at their picnic tables on a nice day. Check opening hours as they are typically only open on the weekends and serve beer along with pizzas for a bite to eat.

Food and Drinks

When planning meals in Cornwall, keep in mind most towns are very small towns and will not serve food late. This includes pubs and the kitchen will often close after 20:30. If you are used to later dinners, be sure to get a reservation, head to dinner earlier, or plan to cook for yourself.

The Watering Hole

This pub is on the beach, providing a fantastic spot to watch the sunset. Grab a beer and enjoy a beach sunset here.

Alcatraz Bar & Cafe

Cocktail bar right along the beach with a variety of drink options

The Baking Post

Cute little bakery in town serving sweet treats, coffee and other morning snacks

The Hub

Coffee shop in town with sit-down or take away options

Perran Dairy Ice Cream Parlour

Delicious ice cream shop in town to fill your ice cream craving after a day in the sun

Cornish Pantry Shop

Grab a taste of the local cuisine here, picking from the assortment of cornish pasties available. A cornish pasty is typically filled with steak, onions, and potatoes in a large puff pastry

The Driftwood Spars

Pub in the neighboring village of St. Agnes, this is a perfect spot to grab lunch or a snack and beer after a walk from Perranporth.


Transportation and Accommodations

Things to do and see

Food and Drinks