Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

Kefalonia is a Greek island, part of the Ionian island group found on the west coast of Greece. The island has its own airport, and has direct flights from some European cities including London, Athens, Rome and Vienna . For those unable to get a direct flight, there are connection options from Athens.


If arriving from other Ionian islands, these islands are well connected by ferries. Check directferries or ferryhopper to find out when and where ferries depart from. Kefalonia has a few different ferry ports including Sami and Pessada. The ferries from Sami do not operate everyday. Pessada usually has fairies operating daily, but they are very early or very late in the day. Be sure to check when planning if considering visiting more than just Kefalonia.

Getting Around

Renting a car is the easiest and best way to get around Kefalonia, and really the only way to ensure being able to visit different areas of the island. There are many common car rental companies based at the airport where you can pick-up and drop-off the car. Plan to get a small car as there are many narrow roads where a smaller vehicle is ideal. A car is better than a quad bike in Kefalonia due to some steeper roads around the island.

The island itself is not very large, and can be driven around in a few hours. That being said, a car provides flexibility in where you visit and eliminates dependencies on taxis. Taxis are available across the island, but will be expensive to take for longer distances. For example, traveling from the airport to Sami will be around 50 minutes and cost around 80 euros.


Kefalonia, sometimes referred to as Cephalonia, is the largest of the Ionian islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches, some only accessible by boat and sea caves. The island itself is quite mountainous and the sea is a stunning blue. When considering where to stay in Kefalonia, picking one of the main towns is helpful as there are more roads running to different parts of the island and many spots for food in the mornings and evenings.



This is the main and largest town in Kefalonia, making it a good spot to stay. It is only about a 15 minute drive from the airport. The town is along a port and has a good variety of shops, cafés, and restaurants to choose from making for a convenient home base. In the summertime, restaurants and bars stay open quite late too.



Just a few kilometers from Argostoli, and very close to the airport, Lassi is another common location to stay. With restaurants and beaches, along with lively evenings, it is another good option.

Things to do and see

Myrtos Beach

The prettiest beach on the island, Myrtos beach is found on the north west side of Kefalonia. There is a beautiful viewpoint on the way down to the beach, as well as on the main road above. The beach has lounge chairs and umbrellas available to rent. A set of chairs and umbrella are fairly priced at 13 euros for the day. The beach has facilities available, and a small café with beverages, some snacks, and ice cream.


Myrtos Beach Viewpoint

Along the main road above Myrtos beach, there is a pull-off point here to admire the aquamarine water from above. Make a quick stop here when driving to the beach or heading to Assos.


Coastal Road

Drive the coastal road, specifically the stretch between Myrtos beach to Fiskarado, as it offers stunning views of the sea.



Small coastal village on the northwest side of the island, about a 30 minute drive from Myrtos Beach. The village has a small beach with a quiet bay to swim in, along with a few restaurants and shops in the town. It's a nice village to stop in for an hour to enjoy a snack and walk around a bit, but otherwise there is not a lot to do in this quiet town.



Located on the northern tip of the island, Fiskarado is a quaint fishing village. The town is larger than Assos with more restaurants, cocktail bars, shops, cafes, and places to stay. It's a nice spot to plan to enjoy lunch or dinner in. There are also a lot of boat tours offered from Fiskarado.


Anitsamos Beach

One of the longer sandy beaches found near Sami on the east side of the island

Boat tour

There are a variety of options on types of boat tours available so first you should ask yourself what you are looking for in terms of :

1) group or private - group tours will of course be cheaper, but will be more structured. If split across a group, private tours can be an option.

2) length - half day or full day

3) with or without a skipper - there are options to rent your own boat and drive it yourself, as well as options for a skipper to take you around

4) what to see - depending on what you want to see will impact where you want to book a tour from. For the White Rocks beach, this is visited with a departure from Argostoli. For a boat trip to Lefkes, these depart from Fiskarado


We booked a private tour from Argostoli for up to 10 people plus a skipper for 8 hours . The total cost (without food and beverages) was 1050. The skipper took us to White Rocks Beach, a small island, Xi beach, and Xi beach bar.


If you know when you want to go, plan to book at the beginning of your trip and ask about weather conditions. This is important as some days may be too windy to go out in a boat in some or all areas.



Main city in Kefalonia with the largest concentration of shops, restaurants and cafes. The town is on a port and boat tours depart from here.



Charming village just a few kilometers from Argostoli on the southwest side of the island, popular with beachgoers.

White Rocks Beach

Only accessible by boat, this beach has stunning white rock cliffs as a backdrop. Take a boat and jump in for a swim here


Xi Beach

A beach most famous for the red sand beach


Melissani Cave

Underwater lake, which you access by going through a tunnel and then taking a boat out onto the lake.

Gentilini Winery and Vineyards

A local winery producing Greek wines. Stop in here for a wine tasting


Makris Gialos Beach

Small beach close to Lassi

Food and Drinks


3 Cheeky Monkeys

Assos Village

Just a little food truck near the parking lot in Assos Village, they serve Greek fast food - different types of gyros in pita and souvlaki in a box are a few of the options. Eat right outside the food truck or take your food to go and walk 5 minutes down to the town and beach to enjoy a quick bite there.


Spathis Bakery


Tasty Greek bakery along the port serving bread, pastries, coffees, fresh juices, and sweet treats like cake, cookies, and ice creams.


Οίνοψ wine bar and restaurant


Nice restaurant in town serving a variety of Greek dishes. This is a nicer restaurant compared to some of the quicker Greek food


Via Vallianou


Bar in the center of town with lots of outdoor seating, and often music playing, providing a good spot for an evening drink


O gyros tis plateias


Faster meal option with a variety of traditional Greek options like gyros in pita, meat kebabs and french fries, greek salad, tzatiziki, and many more


Theodora's Café


Cute cocktail bar along the harbor


Averto Beach Bar

Beach bar on Xi Beach

Traditional Greek dishes

  • Gyros in pita
  • Souvlaki - meat on a skewer
  • From the spit - meat from a rotisserie
  • Greek salad - tomatoes, cucumber, olives green peppers, capers, red onions, and feta
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Tzatiki - fresh yogurt dip
  • Ouzo - clear colored spirit which tastes a bit like licorice; often served with water as a cloudy white drink

Other Notes


Kefalonia is a small island, so the amount of time you spend will depend on the type of trip you are keen on doing. For first time visitors, anywhere from 3 - 5 full days could be filled with things to do. With opportunities to do daytrips, beaches to sunbathe and swim at, small villages to explore, and beach bars, you can see a lot of Kefalonia. If you like busier days and do not wish to sit at the beach, 3-4 days should be enough, but if keen to spend more time relaxing then 4-5 days will be nicer. 


Time of year

June through August, prime summer season, is the best time to visit Kefalonia. The weather is warm and sun shines most days. Although it will be busier with others having the same idea to plan an island getaway to the Greek Islands, Kefalonia feels a lot less busy than some other Greek islands. Shoulder season is also a bigger risk with weather, as winds may be higher which will prevent boat activities and may make beach days less enjoyable.


Transportation and Accommodations

Things to do and see

Food and Drinks