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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

Prague is not that big so the airport is also smaller. We had to connect to get to Prague from Florence and ended up missing our connection so got to Prague a day later than originally planned.

Getting Around

There is a metro, but it is a very walkable city. You definitely need to be careful with taxis as they are known for scamming people. To get to the airport, I would recommend calling ahead


Try to stay near the Old Town area

Things to do and see

There are 4 “quarters” so here are the quarters broken down with sites inside:

The Old Town

Church of our Fair Lady before Tyn

We didn’t go inside, not even sure if you can or not. But we just saw it from the outside in Old Town Square where you can’t miss it

Astronomical tower

Can watch at hour but not very cool, just cool to see game tower. We climbed it for a great view!

Charles bridge

Connects old town to little quarter

Old town square
Jewish quarter
Havelska market

The New Town

Wenceslas square

Big shopping area

Powder tower

Separates old town and new town

Dancing house

The Castle Quarter

The castle

Just area to walk around

Vitus Cathedral

You can go inside for free. Can’t walk all the way around for free, but can get an idea about it

The Little Quarter

Lennon wall

Smaller than most people expect, but still so cool and colorful. Always changing!

Church of St. Nicholas
Petrin hill

I didn’t get a chance to this but you can hike up the hill and go by the mini Czech tower for a great view.

Food and Drink Recommendations


Buy a Tredelnik!! It’s a delicious Czech snack. They are everywhere, especially in old town. It’s a cinnamon sugar dough dessert

Ice bar and Karlovy Lounge

5 story club – honestly was a bit odd and had a weird vibe. The ice bar was cool because I’d never been in one, but I feel like it could be cooler somewhere else

Pub Crawl

Didn’t get a chance to do this either since our flights there got screwed up and we had to stay over after missing our connection but everyone says these are fun in Prague!

Authentic Czech meal

I would make reservations at popular places. We had a few we wanted to try and didn’t get to.

Cafe Savoy

Spot for brunch (needed a reservation)


Dinner spot (needed a reservation)

Other Notes

Some people do a cruise on the water but we did not have good weather for this. We really enjoyed just walking around the city. There’s also the Prague beer museum that has little beer tastings but we didn’t end up doing that either. As a whole, there are lots of museums like a chocolate museum, a communist museum, a sex museum, and so on.

You only need 1.5-2 days, it’s a really small city, but definitely a great place to check out!

Careful with tipping, they’ll try to take advantage of you as an American because they know you usually tip and will sometimes try to force it on you

They are not on the Euro and instead on the Kroner. I would recommend taking out some cash as many places prefer cash.