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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

We flew to the main airport and then took a train from the airport to the main train station (Krakow Glowny). The train took about 20 minutes and goes every 30 minutes. It cost 9 zl each way (currently just over $2) and it was very easy so I would recommend doing this to get into the city. Then, since we had luggage, we took a short taxi ride from the train station to our airbnb

Getting around

Very walkable city – we walked everywhere

Taxis are easy to get and relatively cheap if you need them

Uber also exists here BUT there are certain places they are not able to go so you may have to meet them at a location nearby or they may not be able to drop you right at your exact desired location


Relatively cheap city

We got an airbnb near the main square (Rynek Glowney)

Things to do and see

Old Town
Main Market Square (Rynek Glowney)

Scenic park that encircles the main part of the city

Town Hall Tower
Cloth Hall (Krakauer Tucchallen)
Mary’s Church

Found in the market square with beautiful interior (note you have to pay for entrance and to take pictures, but both are very cheap)

Barbican and City Walls
Florianska Street
Grunwald Monument
Wawel Castle and Castle Grounds

Different ticket for each different piece of the castle and various museums (we just walked the Castle Grounds). The only things requiring tickets that we were considering doing was the Dragon’s Den and the Tower


Jewish Quarter (more run down than the Old Town)

Ghetto’s Square

Schindler’s Factory Museum

Pharmacy under the Eagle – a non-Jew worked here during the war and helped get messages in and out of the Jewish Quarter for Jews

Old Synagogue

Old Jewish Cemetery

New Jewish Cemetery

Auschwitz/Birkenau Day Trip

This is WHY we came to Krakow. Highly recommend doing a ½ day trip there. We booked ours through Cracow Tours. They had two big buses carrying tourists to the camps and then split us into three small groups and we had a local tour guide. The tour in Auschwitz I lasted 2.5 hours and then we were bused over to Birkenau where the tour lasted about 1 hour. It was very informative and a very moving experience.

Walk along river
Salt mine

We did not do this but there is a salt mine not too far from Krakow that you could checkout or pair with your Auschwitz/Birkenau ½ day trip and make it a full day trip since some companies offer this

Food and Drink Recommendations

Mio Malina

This place had some traditional Polish dishes

Chimney Cakes

Dough that is heated and then you can get something on the outside like cinnamon, coconut, sprinkles, almonds, etc and a sauce on the inside like peanut butter or Nutella. DELICIOUS. If you are lucky to find the stand we did (in the Jewish Quarter on the way to Schindler’s Factory) then you must try it!

Other Notes

We were here for just over 48 hours and did not need anymore time. We saw most of what we needed to see for the city in one afternoon. You do not need more than 2 nights here