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The Tuscany region is a beautiful one in Italy, and definitely worth a visit. Florence is the main city in Tuscany, but there are a lot of smaller towns that you can check out, spend a night, or just stop through while exploring the wine region.


This is one of my favorite Tuscan towns. Definitely go here! It’s a nice town to walk around and the Cathedral is very grand. Both the inside and outside are nice (make sure to go in the library when you go inside, it was one of my favorite rooms in all of Italy). The floor is also a big deal in this Cathedral.

I would’ve liked to climb the main tower in the center of the city, but the weather was poor when we wanted to do it.

We did our wine tour with a small tour group outside of Siena. It was a day trip so our driver picked us up (small group of 6 people) and took us to 3 different family wineries. We had lunch at the second winery and had tastings at all 3. I would highly recommend the tour we did.


Taverna di San Giuseppe

HIGHLY recommend this one, I would 100% go back if I ever go back to Siena. Incredible Italian meal!

Tre Cristi

Lots of fish; delicious but quite expensive and upscale. Plenty of high quality Italian places that would make for better pics


This is a very small town and we also only stopped for a short while here, but it was very nice. This little town had tons of wine stores and is known for the Brunello di Montalcino

San Gimignano

We only got to spend about an hour here and it was raining, but I would’ve loved to explore it more. This little town is known for having lots of towers spread throughout it. Even though the weather wasn’t great, I still really liked this town!

Dondoli Gelato is famous so worth giving the gelato a try here