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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Copenhagen is by flying directly into its airport (CPH). The airport is rather larger and accessible to the city. Upon arrival, there is a very easy metro you can catch to get to the central city area. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the city center, and then from there you can head to your accommodations. I would highly recommend using the metro rather than trying to get a taxi. A taxi will cost over $50 and typically takes just as long as the trip by metro.

Getting Around

It’s a beautiful, but small city, making it easy to get around. You can easily walk most places, and otherwise use Copenhagen’s metro or bus system. A lot of locals get around on bikes if you decide you want to venture outside the main areas of the city.

Bike Rentals

If you are going to be in Copenhagen for a longer period of time, look into renting bikes. Two options include:

ABC Bicycles 

Copenhagen Bicycles 

Bike Accessories

Consider getting a basket, helmet, and lights for your bike. A basket is helpful when you are out grocery shopping or running errands. You need lights for your bike if you are biking at night or else you can get fined. Make sure to ask at the store as technically every bike should have them included when rented. Also you will need a bike lock, whether it be a tire lock, a cable lock or both.

Public Transit

Public transportation is another great way to get around, but can get expensive quickly. Consider getting either the Copenhagen card (which gives unlimited transportation and access to most tourist places) or a multi-day public transportation pass. It is much cheaper and easier than buying a ticket for each ride. Keep in mind that riding public transit is based on the honor system. More often than not, your ticket will not be checked. However, when the attendants do come around to validate tickets, if you do not have one then you will face a large fine.

Within the city, the public transit includes the metro, bus and trains. The metro is the easiest and fastest to get throughout the city. The busses are another good option but are slower as they have to wait in traffic. The train is only used if you are going further distances or outside the city center. The stations are also not as easily accessible from common locations as the metro.

The ticket prices are based off of what zones you are traveling in. The city center includes Zone 1 and 2, and the airport is Zone 4. Any day pass that gives you access to Zones 1 through 4 will cover you through the airport and main city areas. Check DOT for updated information with Zone maps.


To stay in the central area, look for accommodations either near Nyhavn, the Round Tower, or the City Hall. These are all fairy centrally located places that will allow you to get around easily. Another easy option is staying near Stroget. Getting a place near any of these locations will make it very easy to get around Copenhagen. If you are looking for cheaper options, you will want to look outside the city center. Make sure to put yourself near a metro stop so you can easily access the city.

Things to do and see

Bike Copenhagen with Mike

Many locals get around on bikes so join them and take a bike tour of the city. It is a great way to see some sites in Copenhagen and get your bearings and also allows you to see some of the further out sites like the Little Mermaid easily. Mike is a great tour guide and keeps the tour interesting while adding some humor to the trip.


Waterfront canal with colorful houses, restaurants and shops lined along the water


Pedestrian only street and the main shopping street located centre of the city stretching through the Old Town. It is the longest pedestrian only street in Europe

Carlsberg Brewery

Danish brewery located on the outskirts of the city. You can take a tour and do a tasting at the brewery. Check out the free shuttle information as this is a convenient way to get to the brewery.

The Little Mermaid

Small statue of the Little Mermaid on the water, a bit outside the city center. It was an easy one to see with a bike


Free spirit community within the city where police tend to turn a blind eye to what occurs here. NOTE – for this reason, you CANNOT have your phone out here and should not take any pictures.

Church of Our Savior

Climb to top for a nice view. Like many attractions, it will be much less busy during the week than on the weekend. At the top the outdoor stairwell gets pretty narrow so is not for those afraid of heights.

Tivoli Gardens

Nice in the summer at night with the water and lights in the park. They redecorate the park at different times of the year so it is nice to go inside and just walk around. The food spots are expensive here so keep that in mind.

Round Tower

Nice view of the city, and very manageable if you are afraid of heights

Copenhagen City Hall

Can climb to the top at 11 am or 2 pm with a group. The top has a great view of the city and helps give you perspective on where everything is located. There is also a guided tour at 1 pm

Go Boats

Fun boats you can rent to take out with 6-8 friends where you pay a flat fee for 1-2 hours.

Havnegade Promenade

Very nice walk along the water that is right near Nyhavn. There are trampolines built into the ground along the pathway.


Accessible if you have a car or are in Copenhagen for a longer period of time. The Trolls are big structures and are spread out


Outdoor hot tubs near Reffen across the water from the Little Mermaid. You can reserve a hot tub or a moving / sailing spa on most days, but this can get pricey. On some days of the week (Wednesdays and Sundays – known as “HOT days”), you can get reduced prices.

Opera House

Large modern building on the water

Kastrup Sea Baths

Fun spot to jump off of and into the water. It is similar to Islands Brygge, except you jump into the beach not canals


Skatepark in Norrerbro to walk around in


Amalienborg Palace

Home of the Royal Family in Denmark and found in a nice square in downtown area. You can watch the changing of guards at 12:00.

Christiansborg Palace

Combination ticket available to see the Royal reception rooms and royal kitchen, ruins, and stable. Not necessary unless you thoroughly enjoy palace visits

Rosenberg Castle

Located in the city with a nice park around it, which offers a nice spot to have a picnic. Pretty palace from the outside and can tour the inside as well if desired.

Frederkisberg Palace

Located in SW part of the city with nice outdoor gardens

Christmas Markets

Hojbro Square

One of the main Christmas Markets in Copenhagen, as it is located right off of Stroget (main shopping / pedestrian street). It has little stands with hot chocolate and souvenir mugs along with snacks. The stands have a variety of different items for sale including ornaments, scarfs, trinkets, and more.

Tivoli Gardens

This Christmas Market is located inside the Tivoli amusement park and is covered with decorative lights. Visitors have to pay to get inside, but can access any of the rides, get snacks, visit Santa’s workshop, and holiday treats. This is frequented by families as there are more activities to keep the group busy.


Smaller Christmas market along the harbor with stands more focused on snacks and mulled wine. It is one of the first to open up in November.

Kongens Nytorv

This Christmas market is located in the center of Copenhagen between Stroget and Nyhavn. The stands have a larger focus on art and Christmas decorations, and less food and drink options.

HC Anderson

This is a more unique Christmas market where each stall is named for one of Hans Christian’s fairy tales. It also tends to be more crafty in terms of the items on sale.

Food and Drink Recommendations


Buzz Kafe

Good spot to work or grab a coffee


Cafe during the day and bar at night


Coffee shop with many locations

Living room

Large cafe that was good to do work in or spend an afternoon

Espresso House

Coffee shop chain that gives you bigger cups of coffee and not expensive


Sankt Peders Bakery

Best cinnamon rolls in town

American Pie

Cute pie shop with small servings

La Glace

Sit down cafe for cake. Fancy, famous and expensive as it is very old


Ice Cream parlor on Nyhavn



Tasty pizza place with interesting types of pizza (unique combinations)


Pizza shop that is best to visit with a smaller group as they do not take reservations


Thin crispy crust pizza spot

Gasoline Grill

Best burgers with a few different locations. There is limited seating and can grab and go

Cocks and Cows

Another burger spot


Fancy 5-course pre-set menu

Kiin Kiin

Very pricey Thai restaurant with 8 course meal and a pre-set menu

Madklubben Steak

Expensive steak restaurant

Hos Fischer

Italian restaurant in Osterbro

War Pigs

American barbecue food


Really difficult to get reservations and expensive as it has two michelin stars. Known to be one of the best restaurants in the world


Mad and Kaffe

Cute brunch spot where you pick a few different small plates

Cafe Ost

Brunch spot with tasty options



Food market with different stalls in shipping containers. Good spot if you are not quite sure what you are in the mood for or have a group

The Bridge Street Kitchen

Food stalls with different options and outdoor tables located between Nyhavn and Christianshavn. Check this out on a nice weather night


Glass market with a bunch of different food stalls to grab fruit, vegetables, snacks and other food. It is made up of two buildings so nice area to walk around


Nebiola Wine Bar

Wine bar near Nyhavn. They do not have a wine menu, but you explain what type of wine you like and are served something similar


Causal bar in Norrebro area

La Boucherie

Fun bar located in the city center, but lines get long if you show up too late

Francis Pony

Cheap drinks and good deals


Bar in the meat packing district with more locals


Club in the city center, but have to pay a cover


Fancier club in meat packing district and also more expensive

Chateau Motel

21+ club

Other Notes

Danish Foods and Traditions

Smorrebrod – open faced sandwich with a piece of rye bread and different toppings including meat, cheese, and vegetables

Tebrikes – poppy seed pastry

Curried Herring – fish in curry

Flodeboller – Danish dessert that consists of chocolate covered marshmallow with a graham cracker base 

Hygge – closest translation is “cozy” and is about an atmosphere and experience where people relax and spend time together


Denmark is not on the Euro and is instead on the Danish Krone. It is not the easiest exchange rate, but right now 1 krone is worth $0.15. Most places do take credit cards if you do not want to bother taking much cash out. Note that Denmark, like the other Scandinavian countries, is known for being quite expensive so be ready to have a pricier trip.


Copenhagen is beautiful, but it does rain a lot. In fact, it rains about 200 days of the year and is never all that warm. Remember to pack your raincoat as it rains often and sporadically so you may get caught in a quick shower. The weather is rather mild, so does not get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.


It is a small city that can easily be seen in a weekend. It is easy to get around and get a feel for the city in just a few days. For weather and daylight hours, the best time of year to visit is in the summer. However, winter has its perks if you visit around Christmas time and want to check out the Christmas markets.

Open Containers

Copenhagen does not have an open container law


Transportation and Accommodations

Things to do and see

Food and Drinks

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