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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Copenhagen is by flying directly into its airport. Then, there is a very easy metro you can catch to get to the central city area. I would highly recommend using the metro rather than trying to get a taxi as a taxi will be very expensive.

Getting Around

It’s a beautiful, but small city, making it easy to get around. You can easily walk most places, and otherwise use Copenhagen’s metro or bus system. A lot of locals get around on bikes if you decide you want to venture outside the main areas of the city.


To stay in the central area, look for accommodations either near Nyhavn, the Round tower, or the city hall. These are all fairy centrally located places that will allow you to get around easily. Tivoli is also central, but is much busier.

Things to do and see

Mike’s Bike tours

This was a great way to see some of the Copenhagen sites and get our bearings in the city. You can also just opt to rent bikes and explore on your own.

Amaliensborg palace

See the changing of guards at 12:00


This is where the picturesque view of Copenhagen is with all the colorful houses. Walk around and enjoy a meal there.


Main shopping street–use this as your main line to get places

Rosenberg Palace
Carlsberg brewery

Look up free shuttle information as this is not in the central area

The Little Mermaid

Free spirit village

Church of Our Savior

Climb to top for a nice view

Tivoli Gardens
Round Tower
Christianborg Palace
Copenhagen City Hall

Can climb to the top at a few specific times for a view over the city

Food and Drink Recommendations


Buzz Kafe
Living room

Can be tough to find a spot after class but a really cute café

Espresso House

Chain but bigger cups of coffee and not that expensive

Café øst

Very good, similar to Mad and Kaffe for breakfast, but not that expensive

American Pie

Expensive but good pie (small pieces)

La Glace

famous, expensive, has nice cakes and good hot chocolate

Other Notes

They use the Danish Krone which is not a quick exchange rate. A lot of places do take credit cards if you do not want to take much cash out.

Beware, it rains 200 days of the year and is never really that warm. It rains often and randomly so bring a raincoat. We were there in August and wore jeans 2 out of 3 days so it was definitely cooler as well.

It is a small city than can be seen in a weekend fairly easily.