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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

Rome has two airports: Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino. Rome Fiumicino is the large and main airport that you would fly into, while Rome Ciampino is much smaller but often has a lot of budget airline flights like RyanAir. If you are traveling from within Italy, you can also leverage the train system. TrenItalia has trains from the larger cities in Italy to Rome and they can be a nice way to travel.

Getting Around

Metro is really easy, it just doesn’t go all throughout the city. We used it because it was right near our Airbnb and it does have some key destinations on it like the train station, near the Trevi Fountain, near the Spanish steps, a few stops near Vatican City, near the park (Villa Borghese), and by Piazza al Papolo. You can also use it to get to the Colosseum.

However, if you can’t use the metro and don’t want to walk, cabs are affordable. Only issue is you need to find a taxi stand (or call one), you can’t hail cabs. We didn’t have a taxi stand near our Airbnb so we took the metro to the train station and got a taxi there.

Things to do and see

Trevi fountain

Definitely worth going to see, it was just as pretty and grand as I expected it to be. Of course you have to go make a wish there

Spanish steps

These were being worked on when I visited but they were still nice to see. I would’ve love to just hang out and sit on them for a bit with some gelato

Vatican City

You have to go here! The below things are all within the “walls”

Vatican museum

Buy tickets in advance online. Worth it or else you wait in line for a long time. There will be people outside trying to sell you tours and telling you the only way you can get in is with a tour. Ignore them and keep walking. Get in the line for people who already have reservations (aka not the long line). Then you can go in the museum. I would highly recommend making reservations within the first hour of opening (9-10) because inside the museum gets busy very quickly (main reason I know this is because we went through the museum twice because we thought we did something wrong and the second time was packed. The museum is very big and takes a while to get through. If you are a student, check out the student deal; you can purchase it online as long as you bring your student ID with you when you pick up the tickets.

Sistine chapel

The Vatican museum pretty much ends here, and as long as St. Peter’s Basilica is not closed for a special service, (which it was when we were there) there will be a door that leads you out of the Sistine chapel to the church. We were looking for that door and therefore went through the museum again but realized we had to exit the museum and go around the walls. Sistine chapel is a must see. It is not very big but it is unbelievable inside. The murals/frescos are so impressive

Peter’s Basilica

It is very big and a must visit. I would recommend getting in line immediately for the Cupola (climb to the top for a view). It’s about 500 stairs up and you can skip the first 200 with an elevator for 2 euro more but honestly those 200 are the easiest so I would recommend just climbing it. The view from the top is very nice!

Saint Peter’s Square

Very grand square with the the basilica. This is where the pope had a special service when we were there so we got lucky and saw him outside.


Another must see. I would recommend buying the combo ticket with the Roman forum and the Palatine Hill. Again I would get here at or close to opening. We didn’t buy tickets in advance this time and it was fine but we got there within the first hour of opening. We spent about an hour in the colosseum and then headed over to the Roman forum

Roman forum

Right next to Colosseum and includes a lot of the ruins. Also lots of ruins on outside of gated area like Trojan’s column and the Arch of Constantino

Palatine hill

Wasn’t anything too big, but near Roman For

Palazzo Venezia

Gorgeous view of a memorial in Rome. They are very strict when you enter on the steps like you can’t sit down and you can’t take disrespectful/funny pictures with the memorial


Another must see but very quick, and free to go inside. The area around here was also nice to walk around in.

Piazza Navona

Very nice piazza to walk through

Villa Borghese

Nice park in Rome! There’s a nice view of Piazza al Papolo. We also rented a fun group bike and rode around for a while throughout the park

Piazza al Papolo

Nice piazza, cool view from villa Borghese


Fun area to walk around in and great area for dinner! This is where we got dinner in Rome both nights and had great, affordable meals. Only negative is there are no metro stops here so need to cab it or walk.

Campo del Fiori

Outdoor market

Piazza di Spagna

Piazza where Spanish steps are

Castel Sant’Angelo

Near the Vatican, I didn’t go in, just saw outside from the bridge

Food and Drink Recommendations


BEST GELATO EVER. Seriously my favorite gelato in all of Italy. They Nutella flavor and the Oreo flavor were amazing. It is located near the pantheon.

Other Notes

We spent 2.5 days here and it was perfect, could’ve even done 2 very full days, but it would’ve been a bit tighter. We had enough time to do everything with some time to spare. We could’ve done it with a little las time, it just would’ve been more stressful

My biggest recommendation is get up early because Vatican City is going to be stressful regardless and only gets worse as the day goes on. Same with the Colosseum. Also remember that a lot of things in Vatican City is not open on Sunday.