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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

There’s a train that is easy and takes about 30 minutes. If you arrive in terminal 1, follow the signs to the trains. They should take you down an escalator and then there will be machines to purchase a ticket. If you arrive in Terminal 2, take the Sky Line train to Terminal 1 and then follow signs for the regional trains (Regionalbahnof). When purchasing a ticket towards Mainz Hbf, it will present you with the choice between “uber Frankfurt/Hbf” or “uber Russelsheim” and you want to choose “uber Russelsheim.” You will be taking the S8 to Wiesbaden VIA Mainz Hauptbahnof. You can also choose take a train to Mainz Kastel, however it will put you on the other side of the Rhine River and require a slightly longer walk to the city center.

Around the city

We walked everywhere we went in Mainz! They also recently got the Tier scooters that allow you to see more than just the main areas.

The main train station allows you to easily access towns nearby. Some places you can take trains to include: Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Rudesheim, Cologne, Bacharach, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, etc.


Stay near the big church which is where the Marktfruhstuck is on the weekends. This gives you access to the main places you’d want to explore

Things to do and see


Main market square in Mainz; there’s a big market here on Saturdays. In one part of it, people are outside drinking Weinschorle, which is essentially white wine and some sparkling water. It’s really good! Everyone is outside just chatting and hanging out.

Mainz Strand

Grab a drink on the Rhine river. In the summer, they have an area outside with sand, volleyball courts, chairs and tables lined along the river

City Center

Wander around the town and see the church in the city center and cute German buildings


Pretty large town next to Mainz. You can wander around, see the church, shop, or just hang out in the park


The cutest little German town, surrounded by vineyards at the bottom of a hill and along the Rhine.

Try a Rudesheimer Kaffe, an alcoholic coffee drink that was invented here. We had ours at Restaurant Graf von Rudesheim

Take the cable car up to the top of the hill. It goes over vineyards and gives gorgeous views of the town, river, and vineyards

Drosselgasse – cobbled street with numerous historic buildings, restaurants, bars and shops


Easy day trip from Mainz

Soccer game

Check out a Mainz soccer game!

Rosenmontag during Karneval

Mainz is known for having one of the larger Rose Monday Carnival celebrations, with a mutli-hour parade, food and drink carts all around, and people drinking from the crack of dawn

Small town German soccer game

We went to Dortmund, Germany where was watched Tottenham Spurs play Dortmund BVB for Champions League. The train trip takes about 3 hours if you can go direct or longer if you must switch

Luxembourg City

Day trip from Mainz

Quiet without a ton to do besides wandering around. There’s a few aspects to note if you want to check the boxes:

City has 2 levels, the upper level and lower level. The upper level is the old town and lower level has restaurants, bars, canals, etc

Le Chem de la Chorniche – Europe’s most beautiful “balcony” overlooking the old part of the city (can walk along the promenade up here for views)

Casemates du Bock – war caves (total of 23 km of underground tunnel networks – a few tunnels are open to the public)

Explore lower town of Grund – sits on the Alzette River

Nice views along the river and views up to the old town are pretty

Elevator from Old Town down to Grund

Passerelle – city’s old arched bridge


The oldest town in Germany, is a little town that doesn’t have much besides it’s main square (Hauptmarkt) and the Porta Nigra (city gates), but it’s a nice spot to stop for lunch and walk around


German town about 45 minutes away from Mainz by train. Very quiet little town, but has some beautiful viewpoints of the town and vineyards. There are also spots you can do wine tasting like Fritz Bastian. Nice quick afternoon trip to see something different


Take a boat down the river from one town to another in the summer. I haven’t tried this but seems nice!


Town about 1 hour by car away to spend a few hours and explore

Food and Drink Recommendations


Coffee shop


Restaurant in town with a great Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

El Chico

Good spot for Steak


Cuban restaurant


Good restaurant in downtown Mainz

Wilma Wunder

Restaurant right on the main square in Mainz with seating inside and outside. Nice terrace and upper level patio outside that overlooks the square


Mexican restaurant

Augustinerkeller Mainz

German restaurant with hardy German food; just grabbed a drink here

Ristorante Incontro

Great Italian restaurant for a nicer, true Italian meal

Ristorante alCortile

Another good Italian restaurant with a nice little outdoor area to sit


Another tasty Italian Restaurant


Italian on the main road in Mainz


Italian restaurant, good for a quick bite for lunch as they cook your food right when you order

City Doner

Spot for Doner / quick bite

Best Worscht in Town

Spot for currywurst; careful it gets really spicy if you select a high spice level!

Eulchen Schlossbiergarten

Beer garden with awesome hummus and pretzels

Mole Biergarten – Sommerlounge

Beer garden with really good French fries!


Bar in downtown Mainz

Irish Pub

Walk downstairs outside and find this Irish bar in downtown Mainz with live music

Red Cat

Fun underground bar/club in Mainz. There’s a few different rooms, one with a dance floor, one for smokers, and one for just hanging near a larger bar. Really fun bar!


Mixology spot for more unique drinks


Outdoor spot to grab a drink on the river

Rudesheimer Kaffee

Alcoholic coffee drink from Rudesheim. Brandy and sugar cubes are added to a cup along with coffee, whip cream and some chocolate sprinkles. We had ours at Restaurant Graf von Rudesheim (this is in Rudesheim, not Mainz)

The Porter House Irish Pub

Irish pub

Scotch n Soda

Restaurant in Wiesbaden that has good schnitzel (typical German dish that you have to try; it’s meat with a bread coding on the outside and served with different sauces)

Other Notes

Try Weinschorle! It is a German drink with carbonated water and wine. It’s really good! On Saturdays at the Marktfruhstuck, they have a few stands where people can get this drink and it feels like the whole city is out and about

Not a touristy city, which is really nice. You feel part of the community and will have the best time just exploring and wandering

There’s constantly events and festivals going on!