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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

Flying to London

Cambridge technically has a tiny airport, but not one that is realistic to fly into. If flying to London Heathrow, the drive is about 90 minutes from the airport to Cambridge. If traveling to Gatwick, there is a direct train line that runs from Gatwick all the way to Cambridge, but takes about two hours. The Luton airport is located about 45 – 60 minutes away by car (longer in traffic) and there is not a very convenient way to get from Luton airport to Cambridge.

Train from London

Traveling from London to Cambridge is fairly easy and can be done in a day-trip easily if desired. The easiest and fastest direct train runs from St. Pancras International station in London to Cambridge. The trip takes about 45 minutes if on the faster train, or just over an hour on the slower train. As St. Pancras is located in North London and connected to Kings Cross with a large tube station, one can take the tube to Kings Cross and walk to St. Pancras International. The fast train option typically runs two times per hour. Alternatively, if Kings Cross is not a convenient station to get to, there is also a slower train that runs through the other large train stations in London including London Bridge, Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon, and St. Pancras. If one gets on at London Bridge, the train ride from London Bridge (southern most station in London city area) to Cambridge is about 75 – 90 minutes. There are more stops on the slower train, but if one of the other main stations is more accessible than St. Pancras, it may be easier than combining the tube and train. The slower train typically runs less frequently, about once per hour.

Getting Around

Cambridge is a small and cute town. Many locals get around by bike, but when visiting for a day or weekend, you should be able to access everywhere on foot. When you are tired of walking, you can catch a taxi or Uber to take you to your destination.


Staying in the downtown center of Cambridge will be the most convenient and allow you to get around easily during your visit.

University Arms

This is a wonderful and very nice hotel. The hotel is part of the autograph collection of Marriott properties. There is a small gym in the basement, a nice restaurant and bar area, and a library within the hotel.

Things to do and see

King’s College Chapel

Beautiful chapel and found in the middle of Cambridge


Take a boat out on the water and push yourself along throughout the

St. John’s College

Bridge of Sighs is found within St. John’s College

Great St. Mary’s Church

Climb the tower for a beautiful view of Cambridge

Mathematical Bridge

Wooden bridge part of Queen’s college

Trinity College

One of the largest colleges in Cambridge

Food and Drink Recommendations



Riverside restaurant with a great atmosphere. The food could be hit or miss, but the environment was always nice and menu had a variety of options. It is good spot to go with a group.

The Ivy

Part of a chain of restaurants, this Brasserie has excellent food. It is a fancier restaurant with good service and a different interior design.


Rooftop restaurant on the top floor of the Varsity Hotel

Sticks n Sushi

Excellent restaurant for sushi, and it never disappointed. If you are with a group, consider trying an assortment of sushi by ordering one of the many platter options. These provided a nice way to try various sushi options.

Oak Bistro

Nicer British restaurant with quality food choices. The service is rather slow, but not a problem if you are not in a hurry.

Cote Brasserie

French restaurant that has a variety of locations and another good option


Italian restaurant chain that I would not recommend. Friendly service but food is not great.


The Eagle Pub

Great British pub for a drink during the week. It will be plenty busy any night of the week.


Larger bar in Cambridge with two floors


Transportation and Accommodations

Things to do and see

Food and Drinks