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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

Paris has two main international airports with many flight options. Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport is Paris’ main international airport serving most flights, located about 30 km from the city center. Orly (ORY) is the other international airport, but is smaller and only about 18 km from the city center.

If traveling from within Europe, arriving by train is an alternative option, providing the added benefit of arriving and departing from central Paris. The Eurostar has frequent trains running between London and Paris, taking just over 2 hours to travel between the two capitals. The Eurostar arrives at the Gare du Nord station in Paris.

Getting Around


The metro system in Paris is very easy to navigate. There are different types of passes to purchase depending on how often you plan to use the Metro. I would recommend purchasing the 10 ride pass if you plan to use it a lot. As the city is very large, leveraging the metro can help save travel time and make it easy to see more of the city in a short time period.


We walked almost everywhere in Paris, but would not recommend this if you are short on time or do not enjoy long walks. The city is large so with limited time, it would be better to use the metro to reach places and then walk around various areas.

Taxi / Uber

Taxis and ride sharing companies are also an option in Paris and can be helpful when in a time crunch or when looking for a simple mode of transportation.


Paris is very large and is broken up into 20 arrondissements. Try to stay relatively central to make it easier to explore the city. We stayed in the 7th arrondissement, which was a very convenient location. I would also recommend looking even closer to the Latin Quarter, found in the 6th, as the Latin Quarter is a great area for meals with its assortment of restaurants, bars, wine bars, and more.

Le Marais

This neighborhood is east of many of the main tourist sites in London. It is an excellent place to stay for non-first time visitors or folks who are willing to stay a bit further from the central touristy destinations to get a more local neighborhood feeling. There are many boutiques, cocktail bars, cafes, and boulangeries in the area which makes meandering through the streets all that much more fun.


The highest point in Paris is at the top of the hill where Sacre Couer sits. This whole area is called Montamarte and has cute streets dotted with French cafes and nice terraces, boulangeries, patisseries, restaurants, wine bars and shops to explore. It is a great area to wander around and explore when visiting Paris and an area to consider staying in if you do not feel a need to be right near all the tourist sites. It is a great place to stay for non-first time visitors, as it is a fun area to wander around and decide to grab a coffee or drink at one of the main french cafes.

Things to do and see

Eiffel Tower

To visit the Eiffel tower, it is important to know that there are three different levels. The first level is one most people do not typically stop at when visiting, the second level provides a good view point, and the third level is the summit. You can buy different types of tickets (providing access to different levels). We purchased tickets in advance, but had to purchase our summit tickets on the second level during our visit because in the summer, the summit occasionally closes when it gets too crowded at the top. The summit then reopens when the area becomes less busy.

If you’re going during busy season, BOOK TICKETS IN ADVANCE. We waited too long so we had to book ours with a tour group. This worked okay, but then we had to wait to purchased tickets on the second floor to reach the summit.

There are two sets of security and the time waiting is largely dictated by security and also by the elevators. You CAN climb to the second level if you’d like. However, we decided to take the elevator up and walk down.

Parc du Champs de Mars

Park at bottom of Eiffel Tower. Sit on the lawn here to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night.

Arc de Triomphe

The arch is beautiful from the outside and visitors can also climb to the top for a view of Paris. To climb to the top, you must go underground to buy tickets; you are then brought back up to street level at the center of the roundabout. There are just under 300 steps to get to the top and it has a nice view. You can enjoy the view during the day or at night. Be sure to catch the Eiffel Tower sparkling for 5 minutes on the hour after sunset if you go at night.

Rue Cler

Market street in wealthy district near Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame de Paris

Beautiful Catholic cathedral in the 4th arrondissement. Unfortunately, in April 2019, the cathedral caught fire and a lot of the church burned and is now under restoration.

The Louvre

Commonly recognized for the giant pyramid outside, the Louvre is the largest museum in the world holding many famous pieces of art. When visiting, keep in mind that there are multiple entrances. The pyramid is the entrance most visitors use. For this reason, there will almost always be a line at the pyramid entrance. I would recommend taking your pictures at the pyramid as desired, and then finding the Carrousel entrance. When facing the large pyramid, this is just past the mini arch on both the left and right side. There are stairs that go underground; take these stairs and then follow signs to the museum. This will allow you to skip most of the long line. For us there was also a line inside to get through security, but definitely saved time.

Before visiting, be sure to check museum hours as they can vary (i.e. I believe Wednesday and Fridays it is open late, while it is completely closed on Tuesdays).

Consider downloading the app before visiting. This will help you navigate throughout the massive museum. We got lost multiple times without the app and did not find the hard copy museum map to be very helpful.

Famous Art at The Louvre

Mona Lisa: Leonardo da Vinci

The Wedding at Cana: Paolo Veronese [right across from the Mona Lisa]

Venus de Milo

The Winged Victory of Samothrace [found in staircase not far from the Mona Lisa]

The Coronation of Napoleon: Jacques-Louis David

Liberty Leading the People: Eugene Delacroix

Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Love: Antonio Canova

Le Couronnement de la Vierge: Fra Angelico

The Raft and the Medusa

Two of Michelangelo’s Dying Slaves

Jardin de Tuileries

Park near the Louvre


Famous and large shopping street that leads up to Arc de Triomphe

Place du Tertre

Square near Sacre-Coeur where artists set up stands to sell their work. It has a nice vibe and some beautiful pieces of art


Large hill found in the 18th arrondissement and Sacre-Coeur sits at the top of the hill


The second most visited church in Paris behind Notre Dame

Sainte Chapelle

Gothic cathedral with beautiful stained glass windows on the interior

La Conciergerie

Medieval royal palace


First major monument in Paris located in the Latin Quarter

Saint-Etienne du Mont

Church near Pantheon

Hotel des Invalides

Building complex consisting of museums and monuments in the 7th arrondissement

Jardin du Luxembourg and Luxembourg Palace

Beautiful park in Paris located in the 6th arrondissement

Latin Quarter

Fun area to walk around in and a great place for dinner and drinks. There are lots of restaurants and bars in the area making it an excellent place to stay if you want easy options at night.

Centre Pompidou

Modern art museum

Grand Palais

Historic site and museum

Pont Alexandre III

Bridge between Grand Palais and Hotel des Invalides

Place de la Bastille

Famous square in Paris where the Bastille prison once stood

Place de la Concorde

Largest square in Paris

Musee d’orsay

Another famous art museum in Paris, not far from the Louvre with famous art pieces by Monet among others


Art gallery with impressionist and post-impressionist paintings

Pont Neuf

Oldest bridge in Paris across the Seine

Pont des Art

Former love lock bridge

Promenade Plantee

An elevated city garden running for about 3 miles on old train tracks located in the 12 arrondissement. There is an entrance near the Opera Bastille

Rue Cremieux

Some colorful houses on this street (far away from most touristy sights aside from Place de la Bastille and one end of Promenade Plantee).

Day Trips

The Palace of Versailles is a common day trip from Paris. Visitors admire the interior and exterior of the palace, the rooms inside (especially the Hall of Mirrors), and the beautiful and extensive gardens. Note that the gardens are free some days, while you have to pay other days (pay on days where there is a fountain and music show).

If visiting in the summer, GET THERE EARLY, or be prepared to wait in long lines. We had tickets already and had to wait 1.5 hours just to get into the palace because the line to enter outside was so long. When we left, about midday, the line was shorter for entering the palace (probably about a 45-minute wait). If the line is long, consider trying to visit the gardens first and then access the palace when the line gets shorter.

Getting there: Take the RER C to Versailles stop (last stop). Then walk about 10 minutes to reach Versailles.


Village in Normandy region where artist Monet spent part of his life. The famous gardens he painted can be visited here


Region located in Northern France and is home to the famous site where the D-Day landing occurred during WWII


The city of Reims is the capital of the Champagne region in France. The surrounding area is the only place in the world where Champagne is made. In any other region, the beverage produced would be called sparkling wine. Epernay is a small town famous for hosting numerous Champagne company cellars.

We took an organized day trip from Paris, which included a stop in Reims and at two champagne producers. The champagne producers we visited were Mumm and Mercier, which were both very nice and included a tour and tasting. Our group was larger than desired so I would recommend booking a small group tour to make the experience more enjoyable. This gives you more time and can visit more places. It would also make the trip a more personalized experience.


Small city on the southwestern side of France known for its wine region

Loire Valley

This region of France is known for its chateaux and wines. To make this an easy day-trip from Paris, we went through a guided tour group (Paris City Vision) and visited three castles. This was a long day as it started around 7:15 am and we got back to Paris around 19:45. We had a short amount of visiting time at each castle, but enough time that we did not feel rushed. The three chateaux we visited were Chambord, Chenonceau, and Cheverny, which were each different and unique. It was interesting to compare and contrast the various castles visited.

Mont Saint Michel

Small island off the coast of Normandy with a medieval monastery sitting at the top of the island

Food and Drink Recommendations



Very typical French restaurant with two different locations (we visited the one located in the Latin Quarter). There are no menus, no reservations, and often lines outside. You are first served a small salad. Then you receive some steak with a sauce and skinny fries, and then the waitress comes around again and gives you more of both. There is a menu for dessert, but that is it.

Le Petit Marche

Found in Le Marais, this is a great French bistrot. The hosts are friendly and the menu is very French. You will be able to strike up a conversation with the table next to as the tables are so close together here. The tuna dish here is fantastic, but many of the options you cannot go wrong with ordering.

Chez Janou

This cute corner restaurant is also in Le Marais and owned by the same folks who oversee Le Petit Marche. Try to book this in advance as quite often it will be full for dinner. They are famous for their chocolate mousse .

Le Petit Italian

Also part of the same group of restaurants as Chez Janou and Le Petit Marche, now you have an Italian option if you want a change from French. This little restaurant has a variety of pasta options and will help fill your Italian craving. The staff are very kind and it is a lovely place to grab dinner in France.

Le Petit Lutetia

Located in the 6th ard., this is a traditional French bistro. The tables are all close together, but and the menu offers a variety of French dishes including foie gras, escargot, steak and frites, among many other options. The food is delicious and provides is a great option for a good French meal.

East Mamma

Part of the BigMamma Group with different restaurants across the city and found in other cities as well (i.e. London, Milan, etc.), this restaurant is around Bastille and serves phenomenal Italian food. Do not miss the truffle pasta.

Pink Mamma

Also part of the BigMamma Group, Pink Mamma is a well known Italian restaurant in London.

Little Breizh

Excellent crepe place found in the Latin Quarter. It is small and often has lines later so try to get there early or plan to wait.


Cute Italian place (but more options than just Italian) set up like a house. It is located in the Latin Quarter, which is a fun area, so many people like just coming here for drinks as well.

Rise e Bisi

Delicious Italian restaurant near the 8th and 9th arrondissement


Cute little Italian place

La Citroulle

Variety of food options, located in Latin Quarter

Picnic near the Eiffel Tower

Grab snacks and wine and bring them to the Eiffel Tower and night to enjoy and watch the Tower sparkle



Macaroon shop that also is a nice place to sit and have a tea


Gelato shop


Desserts and macaroons

Pierre Herme

Macaroons with more exotic flavors

Christophe Roussel

This patisserie has some of the best macaroons in Paris. With standard and extend flavors, a few notable ones to try include chocolate and caramel, coffee, and vanilla.

Gilles Marchal

Nice pastry shop, especially known for having good Madeline’s

Scoop me a cookie
Le Marais

Cookie shop with unique flavors to choose from

Wine Bars

O Chateau

Nice and spacious wine bar with a great atmosphere. Walk-in here for a glass of wine after 4 pm, splurge on a charcuterie board to pair with your wine, and you can even consider doing a wine tasting on the spot. They also offer group wine tastings where they take everyone downstairs into a cave-like room

Chez Nous
Saint Germain

Right along the river in Saint Germain, this wine bar is a great spot to pop into for a quick glass of wine

Bar a Vibs

In the 8th Ard., this is a hidden gem as it sits amongst high end hotels and shops in the area. Great spot to stop in for a glass of wine and sncaks.

La Cave du Septime

Small wine bar in Bastille. Probably not the best spot for a first date as the place is very small, and plays French rap music so different vibes than other wine bars


Small French restaurant in Le Marais. Serving dinner or drinks at the bar, this cute place sits in the streets of Le Marais amongst many shops and boutiques

Cocktail bars

Le Marais

This unassuming cocktail bar is truly a speakeasy. From the outside, you will not know where this bar is as you first have to enter a pizza shop. You will walkthrough the shop and open a backdoor to find the hidden cocktail bar. Stop in here for a pre or post dinner drink in Le Marais.


Café Charlot
Le Marais

Just your typical french café, this café is off the busy streets in Le Marais. The interior of the café is nicely decorated around the holidays. The waiters are very friendly and the food was delicious. I can recommend the steak here.

Le Progres
Le Marais and Montmartre

Both the Le Marais and Montamarte locations of Le Progres are great. This is a great place to grab a seat outside on a sunny day with a coffee or glass of wine


Across from Le Progres in Montamarte, this is another great café to sit outside with a glass of wine on a warm sunny day or stop in for a quick bite to eat

Café de Flore

Famous Parisian café

La favorite
Café de la Poste
Le Marais

Great café to stop in or sit outside for lunch. They have salads, burgers, sandwiches and more

Le Camelia
7th Arr.

This café is in the area of the Eiffel Tower, but far enough to not be a tourist trap. You will feel more like a local when stopping in here. They have a diverse menu including burgers, tuna poke, steak, steak tartare, salads, and keesh, but all is quite good and offers a nice affordable lunch option.



Famous bakery and decorated as a fancier boulangerie, it is famous for being voted to have the best baguettes in 2012. Every year there is a competition in France, and in 2012 Painpain won so do not miss to try their French baguettes, or even better, their tradicions.

Le Pain Retrouve

Strictly a bakery, not serving coffee or drinks, this shop has excellent and baked goods. The street it is on is also a

Le Grenier a pain Abbesses

Bakery with delicious croissants and other French baked goods (breads and sweets)

Maison Landemaine
Le Marais

One of my favorite bakeries in Paris thus far, it is a small shop in Le Marais on the corner of a busier street. The croissants are excellent here, but they also serve lots of other options from baguettes to a variety of pastries to salads and sandwiches. Another hidden gem here is their simple chocolate chip cookie…definitely a reason this is one of my favorite paris bakeries

Du Pain et des Idees
Canal Saint Martin

This tiny bakery is well-known. A simple croissant here will do the trick, or indulge on one of the many other bread items available.

11 bells
Café Marlette Martyrs

Other Notes


Consider buying the Museum Pass if you plan to hit a bunch of the major sights in Paris as it can help you skip lines and save money. Keep In mind, if you are an EU citizen, you can get into most Paris sights for free; bring your passport with you to get free access.



Paris is very large with lots to do. You could spend 3 days trying to pack the main attractions in and feel like you have seen what you like, or you could stay for a week and still have plenty to do. We stayed for 7 days and 8 nights; we explored the city and also planned 3 day trips (Reims, Loire Valley, and Versailles). Versailles is a must when you come to Paris, the others were extras that we were interested in visiting. We also considered visiting Normandy, but it was a bit further away (3.5 hours outside the city) so we decided to save that for another trip.


French foods to try: Croissants, Crepes, Baguettes, Duck, Macaroons, Champagne, French wine

Christmas in Paris

Galerias Lafayette  – The department store sets up Christmas decorations and a different version of the tree every year in the grand room with a large glass window ceiling. The tree is not real, or at least it was not in 2022, but still makes a great photo. Be prepared for busy crowds when visiting the department store on a weekend around Christmas time.

Rue Royale – On the corner of Rue Royale, your luxury stores including Chanel, Dior and Burberry all decorated their exterior for the holidays. The streets around them are also dazzling with lights and the square has a christmas tree in front of the church.

Montmartre Christmas markets – little Christmas huts are set up in the square outside of the Abbesses metro stop with food, Christmas items, and other goods to purchase

Place St. Michel  – Little Christmas market set up in the plaza

Champs Elysses – nice holiday lights line the famous street


Transportation and Accommodations

Things to do and see

Food and Drinks

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