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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

We flew Iceland Air there and Norwegian air out. The airport is in Keflavik (KEF)

Getting to/from the airport

Flybus – Would HIGHLY recommend using this bus. Iceland is very expensive and the airport you fly into is likely the one in Keflavik (about 40 minutes from Reykjavik). Thus, this makes for a very expensive cab ride. The Flybus costs 3000 Icelandic Kuna (about $30) so you can imagine what the taxi costs. Perhaps it is worth it if you have a group to split with, but the bus leaves just about every 20 minutes and is quick. It makes stops at all the major hotels and guesthouses (do double check to find out what stop you need to get out at as the driver will ask you when you board the bus). The large coach bus takes you to the company’s location in Reykjavik where they have lots of smaller shuttle buses that take people to different zones/locations. There is free wifi on the buses. You can purchase these tickets right after exiting customs/the arrivals area, just follow the signs and look for the location to purchase tickets. They’ll then direct you where to catch the bus. We were renting our car a day later so we picked up our car in Reykjavik rather than at the airport. If you are picking up your rental at the airport, there is a short shuttle bus you can take to all the different car rental locations.

Getting around

Very walkable. There is a bus system if you need it, but we never used it


We stayed near the church in Reykjavik; everything will be pretty walkable from there

Note: to see the Southern region, we stayed near Vik

Things to do and see

Laugavegur and Skolavoroustigur

2 main shopping streets

Harpa Concert and Conference Hall

View over water is nice down here

Hallgrimskirkja (unique church)

Viewing platform at top

Old Harbor section

You’ll see some more colorful houses around here, but they look like they have not been repainted in a while

Solfar (Sun Voyager) Sculpture

Along the water and down the street from Harpa

Grotta Lighthouse

Viewpoint over the water (we did not go here)

Bryggjan Brewery

Local brewery (did not make it there)

Town Hall

LOTS of tourist information in here and a giant 3D map of Iceland

Food and Drink Recommendations

Icelandic Fish and chips

Durum – quick meal

Bonus Supermarket – Iceland is very expensive so we went here to get snacks and food for some meals; highly recommend this if you will be driving through Iceland sine you can have long stretches with little to no food options

Other recommendations from people (we did not try any of these):

Lobster soup at Sægreifinn

Oldest café in city- Mokka Kaffi.

Dinner at Sjávarkjallarinn/Seafood Cellar

Hamborgarabullan (supposedly the best burgers)

Get a 2am hot dog at Bæjarins Bestu with “everything on it.”

Kaffid cafe is known for its soup in a bread bowl- really good

Tapas Barinn →  do Icelandic Course tasting

Grillmarkaourinn (tasting menu also recommended here)


Other Notes

You can see the main attractions (easily in my opinion) in one day or an afternoon

Cool in the summer; the weather changes a lot!! I ended up buying a jacket and hat in Iceland and we were there June 29 – July 4. I would recommend bringing jackets you can easily layer and definitely a rain coat. I typically wore a workout tank top, a patagonialike zip-up and then a raincoat on top for another layer or if it started raining. I also brought a long sleeve under armour dryfit shirt and another light zipup jacket. On bottom I typically wore workout leggings. If you go on a glacier or take a boat onto the ice lagoon, you will want some warmer clothes for that, perhaps thicker leggings/pants.

Stays light pretty much all the time in the summer (at least in the end of June and beginning of July). Therefore, you cannot see the northern lights at this time. However, it is nice to have this many hours of daylight when you are trying to do a lot.

If renting a car, often you will go many hours without having a gas station or any food options. Thus, prep for this ahead of time.

You will see many hitchhikers while traveling in Iceland, often they are hikers.

Overall, EXPENSIVE country (food, gas, etc.)

All the Icelandic people we came across were very friendly and spoke English well

Try some lamb and fish while you’re there