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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There


Getting Around

Use public transportation. Not too hard to figure out since Ubahn (trains mainly below ground), Sbahn (trains mainly above ground) and buses are all on same ticket. You  can buy a one way ticket or purchase day passes that work well. Just remember to validate them. The bus was definitely the form of transportation we used the least.


Things to do and see

TV Tower

Consider buying the fast pass (affordable and worth not waiting). The view is alright, but do not think it is worth waiting 1.5 hours to go up.

Free walking tour

We used “original Europe tours”

Brandenburg gate

Located in Pariser Platz

Victory Tower

A big tower in the middle of Berlin by Tiergarten, can go up it if you want for a few Euros for a good view of Berlin

Topography of terror and remains of Berlin Wall

An area that was really dangerous to be in near the wall; there is a piece of the Berlin wall standing there and a museum outside with info about it


You can go inside and walk around in the glass dome, but you need to reserve a time slot in advance

Memorial of murdered Jews

Not far from here is  where Hitler’s bunker was. You can walk on top of it as it it just a parking lot now.

Checkpoint Charlie

Pretty underwhelming, but it is the location where the most commonly known crossing occurred between East and West Berlin. Do NOT get your passport stamped if you visit the spot, it can cause real issues when trying to get into some countries and is a tourist trap.

Humbdolt university

This is where the burning of the books occurred by the Nazis

Gemdarmenmarkt Square

There are 2 churches and the symphony house here. There’s also a chocolate store near by that has created many of Berlin’s famous buildings out of chocolate

Museum Island

This is an area with a few different museums

Berlin Cathedral

We went in it and climbed to the top for a nice view!


Walk through and stop at a beer garden!

East Side Gallery

It is about a mile long and is very interesting to walk along. The East side has the legal paintings and the west side has graffiti, as it is illegally done.

Pub Crawl

We did one with the same company we did our free walking tour with and loved it. It was perfect for us because we were 2 girls traveling alone in a city we didn’t know or speak the language. We ended the night at club matrix

Oberbaum bridge

Near the bridge, there’s a little cafe called Zazza that’s delicious and cheap!

Alternative free walking tour

Tour that focused on the street art in Berlin. This gave us a view of Berlin we likely never would have seen. Our guide was great and took us throughout the area around the east side gallery.

Potsdamer Platz

Food and Drink Recommendations

Forum Weineri

Wine bar where you pay 2 euros for the glass then can pour the wine you want and you pay at the end what you think it was worth (usually around 2 euros per glass)