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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

When we wanted to go to Vienna from Florence, there were no direct flights so we took a sleeper train and bought a sleeper car. The sleeper car had 6 beds that folded down (3 different levels). The car was not very spacious, but it was an interesting way to travel, and overall a unique experience. The train ride took about 10 hours in total. We only took the train one way as you can also easily fly out of Vienna and we were not going right back to Florence.

Getting Around

Vienna is a fairly large city, making it difficult to explore on foot. Fortunately, the metro system is reliable and efficient. Buy the 48 hour pass (13 euros) for the metro and use it to get around. Vienna does have uber too if you need that to get around


Vienna is more expensive than some of the other Eastern European locations. That being said, since the metro system works well, it gives you more flexibility on where to stay. We stayed outside of the city center ring as it was cheaper, but were able to get to the downtown area fairly easily. If you opt to do something similar, just pay attention to metro stop locations when booking.

Things to do and see

Schönbrunn Palace

This is one of Vienna’s main attractions and located a few miles west of the city center. You can explore the gardens for free and/or choose to take the Imperial Tour to see the inside of the Palace. If you just want to see the gardens, that is free!

Belvedere Palace

The exterior of the palace is nice, and you can walk around the grounds. It is mainly an art museum inside


A large road that acts as the outer ring surrounding the center of Vienna. A few key buildings on this road include Parliament, the Opera house, Museum Quarter, Rathaus, and the University of Vienna.

Hofburg Palace

This is one of the largest palaces in the world. The inside encompasses numerous museums


Town hall


Oldest market area in Vienna and good place to grab a quick snack

Mariahlifer Strabe

Big shopping street

Christmas Markets

I would recommend going around Christmas time if you’re in Europe in the fall because the Christmas markets are great and they are everywhere!! It’s hard to miss them (we hit 8 in 2 days), but here are just a few:

Rathausplatz: biggest and best Christmas market

Maria-Theresian Platz: near Museumquartier

In front of the Belvedere Palace

In front of the Schonbronn Palace

In front of the Hofburg Palace



Food and Drink Recommendations


Authentic Viennese food located near the city center

I Rigazzi

Italian Restaurant near Maria Theresian Platz

Café Frauenhuber
Christmas Markets

The Christmas Markets have mulled wine, sausages, and many other snacks to eat outside and enjoy with live music and holiday spirit all around!