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Hvar – Islands

Transportation and Accommodations 

Getting there

The only way to get there is by boat. The main ferry companies are Jadrolrolinija and Krilo.

Jadrolrolinija you can definitely book ahead of time. Krilo, I am not sure. It is hard to figure out the ferry schedule, but I would highly recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time as they can sell out, especially in high season. It is also helpful to know exactly when you are going. The route you will likely be looking for is the ferry that runs from Split to Dubrovnik with stops at Brac, Hvar, Korcula and maybe a few smaller ones. When you go to the website and look at timetables, it will give you options for your starting and ending destination so use the website for timetables.

I took the ferry from Korcula and traveled to Hvar. We departed on the first ferry in the morning and came back on the last ferry at night. The ferry we took there took about 1.5 hours and the ferry we took back took 1.25 hours.

GET THERE EARLY. Depending on where you are getting on, I can almost guarantee there will be lines to board the ferry and our ferry left 15 minutes EARLY. Thus, if we had not been there, we would’ve missed it and it was the last ferry to our location that night.


We did not stay here, but there were a lot more hotels here than on Korcula. The town is larger and turning into a much more touristy destination. It used to be a location for the rich and elite to travel to by yachts, but now is becoming a party island, similar to Mykonos.

Things to do and see

Stephen’s Square
Boat Port

Pretty area with stands where locals are selling jewelry and other products

Franciscan Monastery

Located in the town center

Hvar Fortress

From Old Town, you walk up stairs on a street called Groda. After about 100 stairs, you get to a main road. Across the street you’ll see a gate that has a picture of the fort on it. Enter this gate and continue your walk up. Here there are switchback trails that take you to the top. The whole trip only takes about 15-20 minutes. Note: do not leave the main trail (the main place we almost did this was where there was a clear path that turned right and up and there was a path in front of us that went under some of the fort walls. Thankfully, “STOP” was spray painted on the ground of the path that went up and right so we continued straight under the walls. Any side paths like this that you see that seem like short cuts are actually dead ends).

At the top, there’s a great view of the town. You can pay a small fee (about $6) to go into the fortress and walk around. You do not need much time here, but there are some beautiful views over the town and the water.

Swimming and Sunbathing on the beaches

West of Old Town (walking left when you face the water)

This is where we went. There are a ton of beaches and a lot going on to the right. You follow a sidewalk path that roams around the edge of the island along the water. This, by itself, is a nice path to just walk along. You’ll see people just laying on their towels on rocks and you’ll pass one of the big hotels (Hotel Amfora). Near Hotel Amfora there is a beach club you can pay about 35 euros to lay out at. It looks very nice, but I would recommend walking further. After you pass the hotel and round the next corner, you will see chairs bolted in on the rocks next to the water. This is a perfect place to spend the day. You are right on the water, the beds are comfortable and it is just breathtaking. The chairs cost 100 kuna each (about $15) and you can sit wherever you want. Someone will come around while you are sitting there to collect the payment. If you continue to walk past these, you’ll see some beach bars and other locations, but these chairs are on the rocks for a while so just pick your view and scene. As you walk further (we did not go much further), the beaches get more desolate and less busy.

East of Old Town (walking right when you face the water)

If you walk about 20 minutes east, starting past the Franciscan Monastery, you’ll reach Pokonji Dol (town’s main beach). We did not go this way, but would check it out if we had been there more than one day

Food and Drink Recommendations

BB Club

We had breakfast here, located right near the ferry terminal. It was delicious and great service

Other Notes

More developed than Korcula and when you are on it, you can feel the busier atmosphere.

Turning into a party island so if this is what you are looking for, hit this up. It looks like a lot of fun at night! I wish I could’ve stayed here two nights, but guess I just have to go back now

Overall, Croatian islands and Croatia as a whole are incredibly underrated. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL

Can’t do a day trip to Korcula from here unless you have a private guide

Blue cave day trip possibility from here (I believe the blue caves are on Brac – we did not do it as we were only there for a day but I did something similar in Capri and they are stunning)