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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

We did this as a day trip from Mainz. The trains to Frankfurt are very frequent and easy to hop on a train from Mainz to get here

If you’re flying in from the US or anywhere in Europe, you’ll likely fly into Frankfurt as it’s a very large city

Getting around

We walked and used taxis to get around the city

Things to do and see


Old Town


Main shopping street

Walk along the river

Picturesque timber houses in downtown Frankfurt. It’s the Old Town center and a nice area to walkaround

Frankfurt Cathedral

Can climb if you want a view!

Food and Drink Recommendations

Buena Vista

AWESOME steak for a great value. We each had 2 glasses of wine, a piece of filet, and one side each for a total of 80 euros. The steak was quality too

Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt An der Hauptwache

Great view from floor 7 and a great spot to grab a drink at sunset

Other Notes

There’s constantly things going on outside. We stumbled upon a wine and beer festival outside where people were drinking and hanging out!