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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting Around

I was surprised by how walkable the city was. The park and the palace are essentially the two ends of where you will mainly be in between. This is about a 45 minute walk but it’s doable. Cabs are pretty cheap so can be worth it to save you time. I never used the metro but apparently it’s very easy

Getting There

We took a train from Sevilla to Madrid and then flew out of the Madrid airport when we were leaving. Madrid is definitely the major city in Spain to fly in and out of, so the airport is large and there are a lot more flight options.


Things to do and see

Royal palace

Very grand palace on the inside and outside. Definitely worth going in! Make sure to check the schedule since it closes randomly some days. It costs 6 euros for students to get inside

Gran via

Basically like NYC fifth avenue. Its their busiest street with lots of shopping

The Prado

Famous museum in Madrid. There are lots of pieces by famous artists like Goya, Velazquez, el Greco, and many more. It was free for students to enter with valid ID and student ID

Centro de arte Reina Sofia

Another art museum. The famous piece here is el Guernica. We didn’t make it to this one, definitely do el Prado first.

Buen Retiro park

Wonderful park to just walk or run around in

Beer bike

We traveled with a group so this worked great. It wasn’t really a tour, but it was just fun to do. We had 9 people and it was 15 euro for a liter of beer or 18 for a liter of sangria. The bike was more work than we expected it to be since we had to pedal to actually make it move and when we went up hills, it really felt like a spin class, but it was very fun and just very funny! 45 minutes was plenty long

Puerta del sol

Big square that a lot of people end up since there are a bunch of shops around

Plaza mayor

Another big square

Plaza Cibeles

Not as much a plaza, but the building here is very pretty

Puerta de Alcala

Another fake plaza but structure here is photographed a bunch in Madrid. It’s near the park

Real Madrid game

Make sure book in advance

Bull fight

Certain season for it

1/2 day or day trip to Toledo

Food and Drink Recommendations


El Tigre

This is just one unique tapas place. You pay 6 euro for a drink and get a ton of tapas plates. It’s not unlimited but they give you a lot. It’s a very full place and you don’t sit down to eat, you stand around high tables or the bar. They have a few different locations. Regardless, you must get tapas in Madrid at one of the many tapas restaurants!

San Gines Chocolateria

The best place to get churros according to some! They serve them warm and you get a cup of chocolate to dip them in if you get the traditional churros con chocolate

San Miguel market

A great and fun market with lots of different food choices, we did this for lunch and a snack one day. The paella is amazing!


El kapital

Madrid’s 7 story club! It’s a lot of fun and pretty cool spot. When you get bored of a floor, you just go to a different one. There is a cover charge, sometimes you can get a better deal with a promoter but you are almost guaranteed to have to pay something. Definitely bring your ID (they didn’t let people in our group in without it)

Other Notes

A lot of people don’t like Madrid but if you go in with the right expectations, you may like it more! It definitely doesn’t feel like a European city but is still nice. I could’ve done just 2 days in Madrid as there is not a ton to do. If you’re there longer, I would go to Toledo and check that small town out since it’s only a 30 minute train ride.