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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting There

This is a great day trip from Florence. You can take Trenitalia from the Santa Maria Novella station and if you take the fast train, it takes 2 hours. It cost us 69 euro round trip, but you have to make sure to buy tickets in advance because trips sell out (we went on a Monday and bought our tickets on Thursday). I would recommend taking the earliest train out (we took an 8:30) and the last train back (we took the 17:25). This gave us ample time to see what we wanted to see without being too rushed, but still being efficient. We didn’t do any museums or go in the palaces though so depending on what all you want to do, you can definitely do it in a day or stay overnight.

If you are coming from somewhere outside of Italy, Venice has its own airport that you can fly into.

Getting Around

To get around Venice, you will need to get on a boat at some point. I would buy a water taxi pass for the day if you’re planning on hitting up any of the other islands. (20 euros). When you are wandering the streets you can get around easily on foot.

Things to do and see


This is the glass making island. There’s beautiful shops here, but you don’t need more than 45 minutes here. If you want to spend longer on this Venetian island, there is a factory you can go in to see how some of the glassware is made. You can also see someone blowing glass (we didn’t do this, but it would’ve been very cool! I think you can do it on the main island of San Marco too).


This was one of my favorite parts of Venice. However, in order to see Burano, you must plan a bit and allow adequate time because it’s about a 40 minute water taxi from the mainland. My recommendation would be to first make a stop in Murano, then head over to Burano and then back to San Marco to explore for the rest of the day. Burano has all the beautifully colored houses and is less touristy than San Marco. The seafood is very good as well!

San Marco

This is the main Venice area

Pazza San Marco & St. Mark’s Basilica
Rialto bridge

This is a more modern looking bridge found in Venice and controversial

Bridge of sighs

This is located behind St. Mark’s basilica

Gondola ride

It’s pricey, 80 euros for half an hour, but you may never get back to Venice. The more people you have, the more you can split it with too. You can fit up to 6 people on the gondolas