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Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

We got there using the Norway and a Nutshell route. I would highly recommend using this to get between Oslo and Bergen. It’s a perfect way to get a glimpse of the beautiful land and the fjords, while also having a travel day.

Getting to the airport

Flytoget bus

Getting around

Very walkable city


Stay near the city center (walking distance from Bryggen) if you can

We stayed near the train station which was fine. About a 1 mile walk to the center

Things to do and see


Wharf where the colorful houses are

Flobianen Funicular

Climb to the top, or take the funicular, for a nice view over the city

The walk up takes about an hour, the walk down takes a bit less time. It’s a 2.9 km walk up

FYI if you get here when the cruise ship groups get here, there will be long lines. We arrived and the line was about 30-45 minutes long so we decided to walk up (and down). When we got down, there was no line at all.

Cost one way = 45 Norwegian Krone for adults

Market Square
Fish Market
Bergenhus Fortress
Ulriken Cable Car

Quick ride up to the summit of Bergen’s tallest mountain; there’s hiking trails up here if you’re interested (we did not do this because we had bad weather)

Bergen Cathedral
Greigg Hall

Food and Drink Recommendations

Food from the fish market

Had Paella and also tried a reindeer hotdog, some candy covered almonds, and got fruit here

Trattoria Italiana

Great Italian restaurant not far from the center of town

Los Tacos

Got this as a quick bite to eat when we arrived in Bergen. It was okay, but we needed food

Other Notes

It rains A LOT here so come expecting rain, and if you get sun, count yourself lucky

We did not have a ton to keep us busy, especially since the weather was not great. One full day here was more than enough. We mainly just walked around and went up to the view point. We could’ve done more had it been nicer, but didn’t feel like we were missing out on that much

Cute city, lots of colorful buildings throughout it

WARNING: Not much is open on Sundays, so if you go then be aware of that