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Costa Nova

Transportation and Accommodations

Getting there

We drove our rental car from Coimbra to Costa Nova, which took about an hour. Costa Nova is right on the coast, and is a cute little beach town.

Aveiro is about 15 minutes from Costa Nova, more inland, and it’s known as the Venice of Portugal.


Costa Nova Hotel – we stayed at the one hotel in Costa Nova and liked having this as a homebase. It was close to the beach (5 minute walk) and close to the busier part of town (2 minute walk). There was free parking at a street 1 minute away and some restaurants and shops nearby.

You can also stay in Aveiro, which is more inland and has a bit more happening at night (more restaurants and some bars), but we wanted to be right on the water so chose to stay in Costa Nova. I’d personally stay in Costa Nova again too. Aveiro worked well for a quick lunch stop.

Things to do and see

Striped Colored Houses

Cute strip of colorful striped houses


Main reason we came here was for a beach day and it was beautiful

Run on the beach

I loved running along the boardwalk, along the street with colorful houses, and to the town over called Praia da Barra where the large Lighthouse is located

Sunset on the beach

Beautiful and nice to watch with some wine on the beach


We spent about 3 hours in Aveiro (max). We parked the car, walked around the main part of town and then grabbed lunch. There are large boats that mimic the small gondolas in Venice in Aveiro that you can do a tour on. It seemed pretty touristy so we decided not to. The meal was probably my favorite meal from our entire time in Portugal though.

Tiled walls

All throughout Portugal there are lots of buildings, houses, restaurants, etc with tiled walls on the side. They’re all unique and pretty in their own way.

Food and Drink Recommendations

Bronze | Seafood and Lounge Bar

We grabbed lunch on the beach here on the afternoon we were in Costa Nova. I really liked the food and the servers/owners were very friendly! We also picked up some beer and wine to go here and just enjoyed it outside on the beach

O Batel

Excellent restaurant in Aveiro. We got lunch here and I’m pretty sure the owner is also the waiter and the cook. It’s a small little place, but the food was excellent and the interior is nicely decorated. We had shrimp, mussels, fish, jamon and wine. It was all phenomenal

Other Notes

We went at the end of September and it was PERFECT. There were not crowds, but it was not too desolate. The weather was perfect, nice temperature and lots of sun. I would definitely go back at this time again

There isn’t too much to do here aside from hitting up the beach and seeing the striped houses so you don’t need too long here. Our 1 day/night was perfect.