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How far away can people be when they see my photo at a Spot?

For now, 1/4 mile. We've heard all kinds of opinions on this, and we'd love to hear yours!

What does the Foursquare import do?

We wanted Wingman to be a new way to enjoy Foursquare. If you link your Foursquare account to Wingman, you can enjoy the benefits of Wingman without having to check in on two separate applications. You also get a head start on your Wingman experience, because the linkage also displays your previous Foursquare check-ins on Wingman. However, checking-in on Wingman does not check you in to Foursquare (your friends don't need to konw about your flirting!)

Can someone send a Wingman to everyone at a Spot?

Sometimes :). But when there are more than just a couple people at a Spot, Wingman automatically limits the number of Wingmen you can send at each Spot.

Can I block other people from seeing me?

Sure! Just go to their profile and tap on the small flag icon in the upper right corner.

Will people be able to follow me around town on Wingman?

There is no feature on Wingman that allows other people to "tag" you or "follow" you. Once you leave a Spot, Wingman doesn't display where you've gone.