Help Wingman Take Off!

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Fun. We want you to have fun. We want you to have as much fun using this product as we did making it. We want you to laugh with friends, laugh with new people, and maybe meet someone you didn't think you'd meet.

For real—we're just excited about helping new people meet each other in a way that doesn't feel as awkward as it sometimes does. We want to help solve a real problem people have in the real world. That's our goal.

Help Wingman take off!

Your humble co-founders Eric and Jim envision a world where most of the people you see out and about are also on Wingman. We're not there yet, but with your help, we could be!

If you believe in our vision and want to help make it a reality, here are some simple things you can do to:

  1. Tell us when we've screwed up. The better Wingman behaves, the more people will want to use it.
  2. Click the "Like" button on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.
  3. Tell us your stories! We can share your success stories on our website.
  4. Give us two thumbs up in the App Store. Apple only prompts people to review apps when they're uninstalling them :(.
  5. Join our test group! We're constantly revising Wingman and testing new versions not yet released to the public. Wanna be in on the game?
  6. Have a friend with a billion Twitter followers? Sweet. Let us know!
  7. Have press contacts? We're all about that. Let us know!