About Wingman

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Party starters...

These two clowns met when their mutual friend Manny was summoned by Jim to create a spontaneous Friday night afterparty at his house in Los Angeles. At 1:52am, Jim gave Manny a simple party fodder task: "get as many people as you can." At 2:02am, Manny reported back in his loveable cockney accent: "Roight! We've got four cabloads coming round to yours!"

Fueled for the next few hours by a sinister concoction known as "vodkaredbull," a lasting friendship was born. Although Eric ultimately fled L.A. in 2007 for the Manhattan office of Google, the pair kept in touch over the years on the strength of shared interests in frivolous spontaneity and the Pet Shop Boys.

That's all very interesting, but what about Wingman?

Wingman was born in New York, on a chilly Hells Kitchen evening in early October 2009. Having just quit his job of six years to do... something else, Jim had planned to take a nice week in New York before doing... something else. In the meantime, he'd been cooking some ideas for a mobile service where people and places would mix in interesting ways, and provide real-time and unbiased information about each other. People would describe places, and places would describe people.

Eric, meanwhile, had been cooking up some similar ideas of his own. As they caught up with each other heading from bar to bar, talking turned to drinking, which then turned to excited drunken shouting. In those classy and subdued moments, Wingman was born.

Getting serious

Eric and Jim soon realized they might have a shot at making something really cool, so they got busy. Six months and two savings accounts later, they had all the trappings of an actual legitimate business and—this is the really funny part—they were still great friends and still having fun!

Jim Mitchell and Eric Bogs, Co-Founders of Wingman
Eric and Jim, your co-founders